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Sri Lanka AdventureSri Lanka National Parks are many and various, each having its own particular mixture of features terrain, animals, birds, plants, trees, and water-holes , all of which take time to explore and enjoy for those with limited time, budget or interest in wild life , a simple day trip restricted to daylight hours and a view from the back of the jeep, is a perfectly practical option. But for those looking to get more out of their visit, Sri Lanka Holidays strongly recommend a camping safari . Admittedly these are not cheep, but they give you a much more expansive experience and are therefore well worth paying.



At Sri Lanka Holidays we believe that the best way to experience nature is right in the heart of it!. The concept of fully movable camping means that we can offer exactly that, taking our guests to locations of Sri Lanka that are simply inaccessible  to the usual hotel crowd. All our campsites are in prime locations, either selected by our own experienced  product development team or sites belonging to the Wildlife and Forest Department of Sri Lanka. We offer a huge variety of “tried and tested” locations in which we operate camping programmers on regular basis, however  we are also  always open to requests, proving just how “movable” our “movable” camping programmers  really are ! Our attention to detail with special features such as a uniquely dramatic lighting of the campfire , illuminating oil or copra torches, make –shift outdoor restaurant  and a global cuisine certain to tantalize your tast-buds, its fair to say that your Sri Lanka Holiday camping tour will be an experience never to be forgotten!

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