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Explore and experience the most beautiful destinations in Sri Lanka. Inherent beauty, fascinating history, luxurious surroundings and turquoise seas are waiting to be discovered. Something for everyone from diving enthusiasts to honeymooners and paradise seekers - heaven on earth!

Some of the popular tourist destinations located in Colombo, Sri Lanka are the Ceramics Corporation Showroom, Convention Center and National Museum, Wolvendhal Dutch Church, Pettah, Hultsdorf Law Courts, Jumi-ul Alfar Jumma Mosque, Independence Square.




Lanka HolidaysOne of Asia’s major archaeological sites Sigiriya presents a unique concentration of 5th century urban planning, architecture ,gardening,engineering, hydraulic technology none can compare with Sigiriya the fascinating “Fotress in the sky’ built by a renegade king to keep his enemies at bay. This maesive monolith of Red stone rises a surprising 600ft in to the sky. Today a UNESCO world Heritage site You can see Mirror wall that even today {1800 years later]still reflects like glass








Nuwara eliya (Little England)

Lanka HolidaysTea, acres and acres of rich green foliage, extending miles across the hills and reaching almost to the mist shrouded mountain tops narrow winding roads through countryside of gorse, wild flowers and pine scented air, streams bubbling over rocks. You are in the home of the worlds finest flavored tea. Sri Lankas cool invigorating hill country Climbing, Trekking and Walking or Playing tennis or golf at 1890 meters in fine tea country, the cold exotic beauty of Sri Lanka hills is every where waiting to be experienced and enjoyed.







Lanka HolidaysWith Buddhist and Hindu shrines on the same grounds embracing a common architectural tradition and royal places once occupied by both Sinhala-Buddhist and Tamil- Hindu kings surrounded by large reservoirs shaded by primeval forests Polonnaruwa was the city that symbolized the unity and integrity of the island as well as the religious and ethnic harmony which prevaild in medieval Sri Lanka.














Lanka HolidaysThe city of Anuradapura is situated 205km North of Colombo on the bank of Malwatu Oya founded in 4th century BC it was the capital of the Anuradapura kindum till the beginning of the 11th century AC. During this period it remined one of the most stable and durable center of political power and urban life in south asia. It was also a wealty city which created a unique culture and a great civilization. Today this ancient city of Sri Lanka which is sacred to the Buddhist world with its sourrounding monasteries covers area of over 40squ km and is one of the world’s major Archaeological site.















Lanka HolidaysSri Lanka’s fascinating variety in climate and landscape and cultural heritage has for many centuries attracted travelers from all over the world.
Nowhere in this rich diversity more evident than in Kandy. Dalada maligawa the Temple of the sacred Tooth Relic in the lodestor of the Buddhists” Rituals are enacted daily in the Temple to venerate the relic accompanied by flute playing and drumming . Kandy is situated 465 meaters above sea level.










Lanka HolidaysThe seaside town of Galle is 116km from Colombo by road or rail down the South-West coast both routes are picturesque following the coastline closely for much of the way . The walled city has stood since the early sixteenth century through the colonial periods of the Protuguese, Dutch and British and in our present times is proclaimed as an Archaeological reserve and been identified as a world Heritage site.










Lanka HolidaysHalt ! A large herd of sixty elephants crossing the main road!
A herd of sixty?     Yes
It is true they are proceeding to the river for its daily din in water you can see largest herd of elephants in captively in the world just now.This is a unique experience for visitor, Because This is the only place in the entire planet earth where one can see such a larger herd of captive elephants.










Lanka HolidaysA tropical island of legendary beauty . Sri Lanka is enriched by sun-drenched beaches and the snorkeling sun-lit suif of the Indian> Ocean Multi-Coloured corals shell tered bays seren lagoons and off shore island enhance the beaches offering resorts of enchanting beauty and interest for perfect vacation.













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